Op maandag 14 oktober a.s. organiseert JPoint weer een MeetingPoint. Deze keer is het een avond waar je op de hoogte wordt gehouden van alles rondom “modern software development best practices” en “Java and the Machine”. Martijn Verburg geeft een interactieve sessie waarin hij indien nodig tot op bit niveau zaken zal bespreken. Na afloop van de sessie is er, onder het genot van een hapje en een drankje, volop gelegenheid om nog even na te praten en te discussiëren met Martijn of onze JPoint professionals.

Onderwerpen en sprekers

Sessie 1: Diabolical Developer door Martijn Verburg Sessie 2: Java and the machine door Martijn Verburg


17:15 uur: Ontvangst met borrel en buffet 18:15 uur: Sessie 1: Diabolical Developer 20:00 uur: Korte pauze 20:15 uur: Sessie 2: Java and the machine 21:30 uur: Borrel en hapjes 22:00 uur: Afsluiting


Martijn Verburg (aka ‘the Diabolical Developer’) is the CTO of jClarity (http://www.jclarity.com) a Java/JVM performance tools start-up for cloud and enterprise. He currently resides in London where he co-leads the London JUG (a JCP EC member), runs the Adopt a JSR and Adopt OpenJDK programmes and drinks good beer at his local pub. You can find him online facilitating development of FOSS projects (PCGen and Ikasan), moderating at the Javaranch or discussing (ranting about?) subjects on the Programmers Stack Exchange.He’s become a regular (diabolical) speaker at conferences on Java, FOSS and software development. His “The Well-Grounded Java Developer” title with Ben Evans was a Java/JVM best seller in 2012/13.Martijn was recognised as an official Java Champion in 2012 for services to the Java community.

Sessie 1: Diabolical Developer

The Diabolical Developer presents a tale of modern software development anti-patterns. This session provides a wealth of tips and tricks to free you from the chains of so call ‘modern software development best practices’.

We are not delivering software any more successfully than our forebears! So what’s really going on? Well things like Agile and Software craftsmanship certainly take you down some dangerous paths, and do not even get us started on Dev ops! You will learn about topics such as how to unleash the awesome power of:

  • Mortgage Driven Development
  • Turtles All The Way Down
  • Conference Driven Delivery
  • Unleash the awesome power of the FactoryFactoryManagerBuilder

Sessie 2: Java and the Machine

In Terminator 3 – Rise of the Machines, bare metal comes back to haunt humanity, ruthlessly crushing all resistance. This talk is going to cover how the same thing is going to happen to Java!

Java’s Write Once Run Anywhere (WORA) premise means that Java and the JVM struggle to utilise specialist hardware and OS features that could make a massive difference in the performance of your application. This problem has recently gotten much, much worse. Due to the rise of multi-core processors, massive increases in main memory and enhancements to other major hardware components (e.g. SSD) means that the JVM is now distant from utilising that hardware, causing some major performance and scalability issues!

Martijn will take you through the complexities of where Java meets the machine and loses. He’ll give up some of his hard won insights on how to work around these issues so that you can plan to avoid termination, unlike some of the poor souls that ran into the T-800…